Milli-Q® Integral

Milli-Q® Integral


Milli-Q® Integral is a unique combination of optimized water purification and monitoring technologies. It allows, in a single device, both pure (Type 2) and ultrapure (Type 1) water to be produced directly from potable water. This all-in-one concept offers several benefits:

  • Provides users with complete control over all water purification steps and the final water quality. 
  • Allows installation of a comprehensive water purification chain in a minimal amount of space. 
  • Eliminates the constraints of centralized water stations and their distribution loops (complexity, heavy maintenance, prolonged downtime, contamination).


Milli-Q® water • Best-in-class purity

To reach the most reliable ultrapure water quality, Milli-Q® Integral is built on an optimized purification sequence:

Elix® | First, Elix® pure water is produced from tap and delivered through the E-POD® (Elix®-Point-Of-Delivery) remote dispenser. To ensure a consistent source of high quality pure water, the patented Elix® module (EDI technology) is combined with Progard® complete pretreatment, intelligent reverse osmosis and bactericidal UV lamp technologies. Depending on daily volume needs, different production flow rates are available (3, 5, 10 & 15 L/h).

Storage | Pure water is then stored in a polyethylene storage tank, which has been designed to maintain consistent purity of stored water. The vent filter provides effective protection against airborne contaminants and the ASM, Automatic Sanitization Module, prevents biofilm formation. Water is then further processed by the Milli-Q® Integral to produce ultrapure water or it can be sent by a distribution pump to feed instruments such as a glassware washing machine.

Milli-Q® | To obtain Milli-Q water quality, purified water passes through a long-life dual wavelength UV lamp, which ensures organic molecule degradation by photooxidation. The Quantum® polishing cartridge then removes the remaining ionic and organic contaminants below trace levels. Finally, the ultrapure water recirculates through a loop to the Q-POD® (Quality-Point-Of-Delivery) dispenser, where an Application-Pak removes specific contaminants critical for experiments – Ultrapure water free of particulates, bacteria, pyrogens, nucleases, proteases, VOCs, endocrine disruptors and organics for LC.

Made only for Milli-Q® systems, Jetpore® virgin ion-exchange resin is used in all Milli-Q® purification cartridges. Selected for its exceptional performance, it can capture even the most weakly charged ions due to its kinetic capabilities. Both the Progard® and Quantum® cartridges incorporate RFID technology. This provides instant visibility on cartridge parameters and also ensures a safe & optimal performance of your system, giving you full traceability.

Q-POD® & E-POD® dispensers • Advanced technology

The Q-POD® and E-POD® dispensers simplify operation and display essential data in an easy-to-use and compact device.

  • Facilitate your daily lab work - The POD remote dispensers are always within reach. Their convenient and adaptable handling enables both intuitive and precise dispensing. The user can select either a specific volume with the autofill key or manually press the plunger. Their multicolor graphic display allows easy interaction with the system and provides information about water quantity and quality. 
  • Free up space on your bench - As only the POD is necessary for daily needs, the system can now be placed where it is most convenient – under the bench, on the wall… Up to three PODs can be used with each production unit at different locations within the same laboratory. 
  • Get the right water quality for your experiments – Fitted to each POD, an Application-Pak provides final polishing to match the water quality according to your application’s exact needs. A range of POD-Paks is available for you to select from.


Total control for peace of mind

The combination of both resistivity and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring allows control over both ionic and organic contaminants that can impact research results. Calibrated meters are used to measure the quality of ultrapure water.

  • Accurate A10® TOC monitor 
  • High-sensitivity resistivity cells

To always ensure the finest quality is available, the Milli-Q® Integral integrates advanced control settings with alerts & alarms that are customizable according to your specific needs. This is to validate your system is properly operating, providing the best working conditions for your experiments. With easily replaceable cartridges, a long-lasting UV lamp and timely service alerts, the system runs smoothly all year long. In addition, routine maintenance and troubleshooting procedures are available to assist the user in performing specific tasks. Millitrack® e-Solutions provide enhanced data management control, remote access capabilities to the system dashboard, and long-term electronic archiving for your Milli-Q® Integral.


Quality certificates

For full confidence in your Milli-Q® Integral system, it is delivered with a Certificate of Calibration for the built-in temperature and resistivity meters, and a Certificate of Conformity ensuring that it has been built and tested fully assembled following internal Standard Operating Procedures. In addition all Milli-Q®consumables are delivered with their Certificate of Quality. The manufacturing site is ISO® 9001 v.2000 and ISO® 140001 certified.

Advanced support & validation

A complete range of Services, including Validation support, is provided by certified Field Service Engineers using calibrated equipment and Qualification Workbooks. Millitrack® Compliance e-Solution has been designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotech and contract labs that follow GxP regulations (GLP, GCP, or cGMP regulations). Activation of Millitrack® Compliance software combined with Qualification Services will enable full water purification system compliance with record saving, electronic signature and auditing criteria guidelines such as those of FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 or similar requirements set by other global regulatory organizations. A report on conformity of Milli-Q® Integral water quality to Type 1 water quality as described by ASTM®, ISO® 3696 and CLSI®norms, and to Purified Water as described in USP and EP is available upon request.